Peer Fundraising

All peer-to-peer or social fundraising stuff.

Game Mechanics Can Change the World

For years, charities have been providing incentives to donors. My first recollection of this was the boy scout apple. Next came the $60 This Old House coffee cup on PBS television. More recently, pledge-based events like runs and walks have offered t-shirts, jackets and even things like televisions if individuals achieve particular fundraising targets. […]

Crowdsourcing & Gamifying Charity

If you could change someone’s life by lending them $25 would you do it? What if someone else was working with the borrower to make sure you got repaid?  What if that $25 not only helped the recipient, but helped her send her children to school?   Well that’s the opportunity you have with […]

Peer Fundraising is on the Rise

Several years ago, I had the honour of working with UNICEF Canada to develop sponsorship properties for it’s then new Trick or Treat for UNICEF program. I will never forget having our first client meeting where I learned for the first time that they were ending their Halloween coin collection program. To many Canadians […]