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The Pitcher Group team has raised over $100-million and counting!

We’ve helped all kinds of causes including those for the arts, sports, health care, education, international aid, the environment, animal welfare, social services, recreation, research and more. Simply put, when it comes to your organization, we help you meet and exceed your goals.


We owe our long history of sponsorship successes to our innovative property plans. We provide your partners with significant benefits and value; so as to maximize your results. Our services include: Property Plans; Benefit Systems; Sponsorship Solicitations; Benefits Fulfillment.

“Your strategy for identifying, assessing and soliciting prospects is amazingly simple and effective.”

Craig Beesley, CEO – Moose Jaw Union Hospital


On fundraising projects, our goal is for you to come to view us as a seamless part of the team. From start to finish, we can work with you to identify the best resource for each task. Our services include: Feasibility Studies; Fundraising Plans; Capital Campaigns and Donor Stewardship.

“Thanks to innovative programs you presented to address our unique business objectives, what was going to being a $1-million contribution could end up being a partnership worth $7-$8 millon.”


Give Us a Call to Discuss What’s Possible

Fundraising can be tough. That’s why we are happy to chat without obligation. We know you need to consider your options, and we love making fundraising easier and more rewarding. So, please do give us a call.