If you could change someone’s life by lending them $25 would you do it? What if someone else was working with the borrower to make sure you got repaid?  What if that $25 not only helped the recipient, but helped her send her children to school?   Well that’s the opportunity you have with people like Jessica.

Jessica is an entrepreneur in Santiago (Conchalí) Chile. She buys old shoes at a market, repairs them and resells them. In the process, in addition to helping support her family, she helps provide badly needed money to people with old shoes and provides shoes like new to people that can’t afford to buy new ones.   Jessica learned the trade of refurbishing shoes from her father and for eleven years, she has been selling her shoes at market stall Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Jessica’s business has been going well and she has a loyal customer base. However, to get ahead, small businesses need to be able to buy inventory in sufficient quantities and need to be able to buy product when bargains present themselves. For this reason, Jessica was seeking a loan. The amount she wanted was paltry by business standards in developed countries — just $186. She hopes the loan will help her grow her business and eventually permit her to buy a van for it. Her dream is that she will be successful enough that her two daughters currently ages 15 and 7 will be able to get a high school education; and therefore, good jobs.

Jessica is part of a community bank called Compromiso y Lealtad (Commitment and Loyalty). It is like a cross between a micro credit union and a small business incubator.  It is made up of 20 entrepreneurs who work in different fields, including selling clothes, shoes, cleaning items, helium balloons, roast chicken, inflatable toys for children, used clothes, tools; and services installing windows, confectionery, woven handicrafts, and other items. They all live in the community of Conchalí, support each other and receive small business training as a group.  Collectively, the group was seeking $3,725.  By working as a group, the entrepreneurs will be better able to repay the loan.

Lending these funds is where Kiva.org comes in. Kiva is a micro-lending charity. They provide small loans to entrepreneurs and others in developing countries. Their goal is to help lift people out of poverty and boost the greater economy. Kiva works with local partners around the world to conduct the appropriate due diligence on potential borrowers and to administer the loans. Kiva secures the loan funds from individuals around the world that just want to help a worthy cause — people that want to provide a hand-up rather than a hand-out.  Kiva pools the individual loans, as small as $25 to fund the various projects, entrepreneurs and people in need.  Borrowers pay the funds back like any other loan over a period of time — sometimes as quick as a few months. Lenders can then use the repaid funds to support another project or can even take back their cash.

Kiva is crowdsourced charity, and the power of the crowd is something to behold. I chose to help fund Jessica because her project had just been listed, and as part of a larger group, they were looking for one of the larger amounts of funds. I liked the idea of my friends being able to join me on the project. What I didn’t know was that her project would be fully funded in hours by other Kiva supporters. The flow of funds is humbling. This support is wonderfully captured in this data visualization video from Kiva.  If you are involved in a cause, you want to see this video as a great example of a way to present the impact of an organization. If you like to help others, this video will draw you in too.


So, Kiva demonstrates the power of a global crowd. However, there is also power in a social crowd — those individuals that are in one person’s social graph both as direct contacts and as friends of friends.   A group of dedicated friends can raise thousands of dollars for a charity even a few dollars at a time (or pounds, pesos, Euros etc.).  Now, imagine if someone’s participation had a game element to it. Sites like Foursquare, GetGlue and Empire Avenue have demonstrated the tremendous power to affect someone’s actions by providing game-style achievements.  The charitable and game motivations combined may not change the world, but they can certainly change the world for a large group of people.  Let’s put it to the test…

Empire Avenue is a social network that turns social media activity into game currency. With the aid of game mechanics, it’s a great way to measure your social media success.  To secure more loans for Kiva, a group of Empire Avenue participants have pledged game currency (to buy shares) from anyone that joins the Empire Avenue Team on Kiva and provides a loan. The following table will track people providing each.

# Name EAv Ticker Shares Loan @Kiva
1 William Pitcher (e)WMPITCHER 600 2 link
2 Mick Say (e)MICKSAY 600 3 link
3 Tom Cooley (e)DOMINOORACLE 600 link
4 Axel Schultze (e)AXELS 2 link
5 Dawn Dawson (e)NORTHLANDFOX 2 link
6 Helen Oosterveen (e)EHLEN 600
7 David Lytle (e)DAVITYDAVE 2 link
8 Marilyn Campbell Davis Non Empire Ave Yes link
9 Linda Brand (e)DRLIBRA Yes link
10 Susan Cushing (e)MORPHING 20 3 link
11 Mindy Gibbins-Klein (e)BOOKMIDWIFE 2 link
12 Mike Bazaluk (e)BAZ 200 Yes link
13 Yogesh Pawar (e)YOGIBEAR 5
14 Jackie Bigford (e)JACKIESBUZZ 450
15 Daniel Ferris (e)DANLAMANSKI Yes link
16 Brent Knowles (e)WRITER 600 2 link
17 Jackie Green (e)VIEWERSCOURT Yes link
18 Anni Bricca (e)APB 50 Yes link
19 Becky Jones (e)EDC10 60
20 Stacy Nelson (e)STACYN 600 Yes link
21 Kevin Strehlo (e)MARATHON 200 Yes link
22 Jeroen van Zelst (e)VANZELST 100 Yes link
23 Kathy Anderson (e)KABI Yes link
24 Kyle Kopidlansky (e)MEDIADEALS2U Yes link
25 Cheryl Gonzalez (e)EZNG Yes link
26 Steven Johnson (e)PROFJOHNSON 2 link
27 Claire McGonigal (e)CMCG 600 Yes link
28 Jon Weedon (e)J0N1 200 Yes link
29 Meetu Singhal (e)MEETU 2 link
30 Steve Hall (e)THISISSPAIN 200 Yes link
31 Steven Healey (e)STEVENJH Yes link
32 Russ Bronson (e)IESL Yes link
33 Anne Thomas (e)ANNET Yes link
34 Michael Robinson (e)GENERATEUK 2 link
35 Dietmar Kauer (e)WAKE4JAKE 3 link
36 Drew McLellan (e)DREWMCLELLAN 100 Yes link
37 Nick Morra (e)GOLD 600 Yes link
38 Andy Fields (e)PNPT 200 Yes link
39 Cristopher Kuehl (e)KUEHLCR Yes link
40 Chuck Gallagher (e)ETHICSPEAKER Multi link
41 Naomi Shapiro (e)NAOMI Yes link
42 Gaye Crispin (e)GAYECRISPIN1 Yes link
43 Karen Briggs (e)RIDEXC 100 link
44 Art Jonak (e)JONAK Yes link
45 Rohit Verma (e)IMROVER 50
46 Gabriele Lenga (e)DEXLEN 6 link
47 Yorgo Nestoridis (e)YORGO 100 Yes link
48 Richard Callanan (e)INTOXIK8 250 Yes link
49 Chris Bulzacki (e)RUBBERDRAGON 100 Yes link
50 Bianca Gubalke (e)WEGOTOP 20
51 Stef Zula (e)STEFZULA Yes link
52 Lucky Nugroho (e)LUQ 25 Yes link
53 Raymond Morin (e)SKRYBB Yes link
54 Peter John Stone (e)PETERJOHN Yes link
55 Scott Curtis (e)SJC1964 50 Yes link
56 Peter Bambridge (e)PBB Yes link
57 Zo Nicholas (e)ZO 25 2 link
58 Ramon Colon (e)RAYCOLON 50 Yes link
59 Chase Barfield (e)CHASEB Yes link
60 Kishan Sheth (e)TWIZ 50
61 Chris Wilkins (e)CWILKINS88 20
62 Dillon Rhodes (e)DILLONRHODES 200 Yes link
63 Nathalie Steinmetz (e)NATTI 25 Yes link
64 Carece Slaughter (e)CHSLLC 400 Yes link
65 Scott Gottreu (e)GOTTREU Yes link
66 Andy Reeley (e)AT0MIC Yes link
67 Redas Laukys (e)LAUKYS Yes link
68 Euphoria Buzz (e)EUPHORIABUZZ Yes link
69 Helen Rittersport (e)HELENSSTUDIO Yes link
70 Gabriele Lenga (e)DEXLEN Yes link
71 Richard Townsend (e)RICTOWNSEND Yes link
72 Christian Northe (e)CHRISCHAN Yes link
73 Tess Gleason (e)TTURBO 25 2 link
74 Danko Winters (e)DANKO Yes link
75 Lindy Ireland (e)LINDY Yes link
76 Shelley Collins (e)EAGLES Yes link
77 Henry Saunders (e)HENRY1 Yes link
78 William Whetstone (e)TVISIO Yes link
79 John Furst (e)JWF 25 Yes link
80 Kyle Giesbrecht (e)DOOD Yes link
81 E. J. Williams Jr (e)JAYWILLIAMS Yes link
82 Mikael Eriksson (e)MICKEE Yes link
83 Olivia Regester (e)GEEKKNITR Yes link
84 Mercedes Fancellu (e)MEFANCE Yes link
85 Sean Romenco (e)SEANR Yes link
86 Erica Bilder (e)PANTHEON Yes link
TOTAL 7920 106 link


We will update this table as we go.  (Last Updated: 1:50 pm EST Nov 7.) Please let us know in the comments if your information needs correcting. Thank you so much to all those that have participated.

Our goal is to get 100 loans which will mean a minimum of $2,500 in total – UPDATE: AND WE DID IT!!.  Each person that makes a loan will receive purchases of more than 7,900 shares. You do not have to be a member of Empire Avenue to join our Kiva team. If you have another network instead of Empire Avenue on which you would like to connect, leave a note.  If you provide a loan, leave your name here (and your ticker if on Empire Avenue). If you would like to pledge Empire Avenue shares to encourage other people to make a loan, you can leave us a note as well.

Join us and let’s do our bit to change the world and show people the power of social networks.  Again, here is our Kiva link to Team Empire Avenue.


Do you want to crowdsource support or leverage game mechanics for donations?  Then, put the Pitcher Group to work for you.