Peer Fundraising

All peer-to-peer or social fundraising stuff.

Online Donations: 17 Website Fundraising Tips

The odds say that your charity's website donations are not what they could be.  To maximize your online fundraising potential, your website needs to use a variety of proven money earning techniques.   Most charity websites only achieve a fraction of these strategies.  Put these 17 tips in action and will supercharge your fundraising [...]

Game Mechanics Can Change the World

For years, charities have been providing incentives to donors. My first recollection of this was the boy scout apple. Next came the $60 This Old House coffee cup on PBS television. More recently, pledge-based events like runs and walks have offered t-shirts, jackets and even things like televisions if individuals achieve particular fundraising targets. Meanwhile, [...]

Crowdsourcing & Gamifying Charity

If you could change someone's life by lending them $25 would you do it? What if someone else was working with the borrower to make sure you got repaid?  What if that $25 not only helped the recipient, but helped her send her children to school?   Well that's the opportunity you have with people [...]

Peer Fundraising is on the Rise

Several years ago, I had the honour of working with UNICEF Canada to develop sponsorship properties for it's then new Trick or Treat for UNICEF program. I will never forget having our first client meeting where I learned for the first time that they were ending their Halloween coin collection program. To many Canadians (and [...]

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