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Online Donations: 17 Website Fundraising Tips

The odds say that your charity's website donations are not what they could be.  To maximize your online fundraising potential, your website needs to use a variety of proven money earning techniques.   Most charity websites only achieve a fraction of these strategies.  Put these 17 tips in action and will supercharge your fundraising [...]

What a Donor or Sponsor Wants to Know

Your Cause as Investment Opportunity Whether you use brochures, videos, personalized proposals, telemarketing scripts, solicitations letters, newsletters, social media or all of the above, potential donors and sponsors to your cause typically want to know specific information about you before contributing.  Donations and sponsorships are investments. Unlike investing in stocks or other financial vehicles, investing [...]

Fundraising and Your Board: Three Options

NOTE: The following article was written as a complement to a presentation for the London and Region Fund Raising Executives Conference on May 30, 2013.  A copy of the PowerPoint presentation for that session can be found on SlideShark.   The Joy of Working with Boards "We don't have anyone on our board that is [...]

Six Reasons Donors Give Away Their Money

Ask a group of average people why wealthy people donate their money and the number one reason you are likely to hear is that the donors receive a tax write-off.  You hear this answer despite the fact that rarely does someone receive a net financial gain from giving money away.  Even if you get half [...]

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