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What a Donor or Sponsor Wants to Know

Your Cause as Investment Opportunity Whether you use brochures, videos, personalized proposals, telemarketing scripts, solicitations letters, newsletters, social media or all of the above, potential donors and sponsors to your cause typically want to know specific information about you before contributing.  Donations and sponsorships are investments. Unlike investing in stocks or other financial vehicles, investing [...]

Are You Serving Sponsors Logo Soup?

We have all seen it -- the poster, sign, or brochure that lists a dizzying array of an organization's sponsors or donors. Often, larger contributors will get the benefit of being at the top of the list thanks to the time-honoured Gold, Silver and Bronze designations. If an organization is successful enough and secures many [...]

Why Companies Will Sponsor You

Real sponsorship (versus charitable giving presented as sponsorship) is a marketing partnership. Most companies and organizations fund sponsorship from marketing budgets and must evaluate sponsorship against other promotional opportunities. There are six reasons that companies will choose to support your organization with these type of partnership. If you understand their potential motivations, you can be [...]

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