Sponsorship Gut Check

Sponsorship fundraising can be a valuable addition to the development initiatives of most charities. If you are not already pursuing sponsorship, you probably should be. The good news about getting started with sponsorship is that development professionals have much of the expertise needed for sponsorship success. The challenge is your organization may not be ready, that’s where the Pitcher Group’s Sponsorship Gut Check can help.


Are You Ready for Sponsorship Fundraising?

Both charitable and sponsorship fundraising are about presenting your cause to prospective contributors.  That said, successful sponsorship fundraising has its own unique requirements. To be successful, you and your organization have to adopt a sponsorship culture. Experience shows you may not be ready to take the leap. To know if you are truly ready, you need a Sponsorship Gut Check.

The Challenge

If you are not there yet, developing a high-performing sponsorship culture in your organization can be challenging. This is especially true given that both the corporate and charitable sectors are all over the map regarding what they consider sponsorship to be. You can have a successful program you call sponsorship even if you stick to charitable fundraising strategy. However, if you are not taking advantage of advanced sponsorship tactics, you are almost certainly leaving significant money on the table.

Even if you understand what fundraising should be, it doesn’t mean the staff, volunteers and other stakeholders of your organization ‘get it’. If your colleagues resist good sponsorship principles, your corporate partnership opportunities will also underperform.

Your Opportunity

The Sponsorship Gut Check will lay the foundation for you to be a sponsorship high achiever with strategies to get you ready and your organization onboard.

Summary of What You Will Learn

In Sponsorship Gut Check, you will learn the following:

  1. The traits of a sponsorship program that offers true marketing value to corporate partners.
  2. The questions to evaluate your readiness for sponsorship fundraising.
  3. Tactics to get you ready for sponsorship.
  4. Tactics to get your organization ready for sponsorship.


Who the Gut Check is For

The Sponsorship Gut Check will help you get your organization ready for sponsorship before you launch.  This all-day session is for anyone trying to decide if sponsorship is for them, for anyone seeking to ready their organization for sponsorship, and for anyone who feels their organization is not reaching its full sponsorship potential.

Session Format and Tools

The Gut Check will look at real world examples. It will provide exercises for you to consider and address challenges in your own organization.  The Gut Check will switch things up with a variety of presentation and workshop techniques throughout the day – no Death-by-PowerPoint here!  You will receive tools you can use with colleagues in your organization after the workshop. As a participant in the session, you will also get access to an online forum where you can follow-up with fellow attendees or ask further questions of your session leader.

Give Us a Call to Discuss What’s Possible

Fundraising can be tough. That’s why we are happy to chat without obligation. We know you need to consider your options, and we love making fundraising easier and more rewarding. So, please do give us a call.