Six Reasons to Put Us to Work for You

Selecting a fundraising consultant is an important decision.  Achieving your strategic objectives can literally depend on making the right choice.  At the Pitcher Group, we strive to provide you with the tools and solutions to choose our services with confidence and to always know where you stand as we work for you.  Our advantages include the following:

1. Sponsorship and Philanthropy

Our greatest advantage in helping you raise more funds is that we are experts at both sponsorship sales and charitable fundraising to a degree that few can match.  The differences between the two are both subtle and profound, with many an expert in one, being tripped up on the other.  It’s not unusual to double the amount of money you can raise for a project if you employ state-of-art sponsorship techniques, and even your fundraising with individuals can benefit from strategies employed in the sponsorship world. However, philanthropic fundraising remains an indispensable tool for reaching much of your prospect base. Ask us how we can deploy a combination of sponsorship and charitable fundraising skills for you.

2. Modular Service Solutions

When you receive a proposal for services from the Pitcher Group, we take even smaller projects like a feasibility study, and divide it into core and optional components. This allows you to only pay for those services that you want while also giving you the opportunity for extra support if your organization requires it.  We help you minimize your costs while maximizing your revenue opportunities.

3. A Flexible and Senior Team

The Pitcher Group is a network of independent consultants. For your project, we will assemble a team specifically designed to meet your unique needs. The low overhead of this approach results in cost savings for you while its flexibility provides you highly experienced fundraising specialists.

4. A Co-operative Approach

With the Pitcher Group, you will never feel on your own or left out. Our goal is for you to feel we are a seamless member of your project team working together to accomplish your goals. We are successful by leveraging our combined expertise.

5. Clear Strategies

At the Pitcher Group, one of our top rules is ‘No Surprises’. We will tell you exactly what we are going to do in writing, involve you in the implementation and document the results. You have the opportunity to sign-off on our work every step of the way.

6. Easy Commitment

We know that in today’s fundraising world, plans can change quickly and we want to help you respond quickly should the need arise. So, we offer a Zero Notice commitment. If you need to change the scope of our work for you or even end a project for any reason, you may do so immediately at any time. You face enough tough decisions already — we want the decision to hire the Pitcher Group to be an easy one.